Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 24113 times)

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When Griffey left the Mariners, their attendance didn't change. The next year, A-Rod left, and it went UP 600,000 because they won 25 more games. Texas attendance went up 250,000 the year A-Rod arrived, and went up 425,000 the year he left because they won 18 more games.

People have looked at this before and I've never seen evidence that fans buy tickets for individual players instead of a winning team.

Now there may be differences in terms of merchandise, etc. In general, attendance seems linked to other things (in particular winning).

You missed the point on that the Nats are a new franchise that people didn't grow up as fans of.  They are going to be more fickle, so losing a megastar like Harper has a much bigger impact than a franchise that has been around.  I don't mean that attendance absolutely tanks if they continue winning, but it's a bigger deal than a Cardinals losing Pujols.