Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 24068 times)

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What you're not understanding is the Lerners aren't worried about attracting fans like you to the ballpark. In order to get casual fans to the ballpark there has to be someone like Harper. It's the same reason the cavaliers fanbase died when Lebron left and then suddenly was rejuvenated the moment he came back and the Heat fanbase died off. There's more to it than winning when it comes to the Lerners, they have to make money as well. What Harper gives them off the field monetarily is worth what it will cost them to have him on the field probably two-fold. They don't just look at it the way we do, they can't. It's a business to them as well.

True.  For a franchise like the Cardinals, their fanbase has deep roots regardless if a star like Pujols comes and goes.  The Nats aren't the same.  Harper is the first and only true superstar and highly marketable players they have had.  Zimmerman was The Face, but did you ever see him on a national TV commercial?  Harper leaving would be a big blow to the Nats in more ways than on the field.