Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 22375 times)

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But they were able to cope with losing that kind of production. Furthermore, keeping Harper here long term would seriously inhibit the team's ability to build a good team and hang on to players long term.
Strasburg got a stupid awesome deal on what's going to end up being a bum elbow.

Harper has made it clear that he is a Yankees fan. That he has a ton of interest in playing with his good friend, Bryant. That he is all about the money ("Don't sell me short"). Finally, he knows what the word "legacy" means in baseball. It means pennants. It means championships. It means national level coverage. He knows he's not getting that in DC.

Let's get some links where Bryce says he wants to play for the Yankees and for the Cubs.  I'm sure you have some.