Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 17478 times)

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I wasn’t even referring to you, I was referring to Slate, and if you don’t think that there would be a significant PR hit to trading Bryce Harper, you’re kidding yourself.
But in general, no one that is a regular here is the typical Nats fan. It’s not bad.

And to quote Jerry Seinfeld, I cheer for players and not clothes. 😉

So you're telling me that the average Nats fan wouldn't be happy knowing we don't have to give 400 mil to Harper or lose him for nothing after a year? Or that we add a top prospect for him and announce the signings of JD Martinez and his 45 Home runs and the extension of our MVP Anthony Rendon to a multi year contrract?

No one player is bigger than the team. Average fans will get over it if we are still winning.