Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 9699 times)

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The other thing about trading Harper. All of the non-WNFF fans would be apoplectic. You would have a complete fan mutiny. And justifiably so.
I think this is an important point.

If the Nats try to resign Bryce and he leaves, it sucks. If you trade Bryce and even get two or three starters backs, but he goes off and has a Hall of Fame career then the casual fan turns off the Nats.

I am 100% in the camp of if Harper's contract gets ridiculous, I would rather keep Rendon and go sign a couple $100 million quality players than have only Harper. But I see no possible situation where trading Harper is worth the risk of reducing your chances in 2018 and possibly lighting your fanbase on fire. If he shows up and plays like 2015 then he is the best player in baseball and you can't replicate that production with a lineup already set with starters.

The Nats need to play this season with the players we have. Make a run at the World Series. And then deal with Harper next offseason. If he leaves, he leaves. That's free agency. We made our run and will reload without him.