Author Topic: Harper trade speculation (breakout from off-season thread)  (Read 18912 times)

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Are you guys for real? Even if we trade him at the deadline to a contender we would get a haul nevermind trading him to someone for a whole season.

JD for 5 years and prospects for Bryce as well as a locked up Rendon is better than a year of Bryce.

We've been in the hunt for 3 postseasons with him and haven't won. Why would this year be different?

Trading players is not like trading baseball cards. No one is going to be like "Bryce Harper is awesome! I'll give you a bunch of stuff because I have got to have him." Teams take salaries and contracts into consideration. No team is going to give up a lot for Harper because of the exact same reasons that people here seem so eager to trade him away. He's expensive, he's only under team control for a year and no one has a good idea of where is is going to be after 2018.
If Harper was under cheap control for three more years, then yes, you could extract a kings ransom for him. But he was in that exact situation 2 years ago, and I bet no one here was advocating that he be traded.