Should the Nats bring Jayson Werth back on a 1 year deal in 2018?

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Author Topic: Should the Nats bring Jayson Werth back on a 1 year deal in 2018?  (Read 3805 times)

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I disagree with this wholeheartedly when you're talking about a 38-year old veteran. And the problem is that Jayson Werth doesn't believe somebody else is better.

EDIT: The reason why I disagree is because Jayson Werth is a leader of the team. He's also delusional about the kind of player he is at this point. He can cause plenty of problems for the team if he's benched by Dusty. So for Dusty, it might not be as simple as, who's the better player? It could be, is Difo/Goodwin so much better it's worth a possible clubhouse ruckus to bench Jayson?

All high-level athletes are extremely confident in their abilities.  They don't get to that point without being confident.  Werth was a combined 10-36 the past 2 postseasons under Dusty, so he wasn't entirely "delusional" that he could hit. The blame if you feel Werth shouldn't have been out there goes 100% on Dusty.  The only delusion is if you think there are athletes in Werth's position that ask to be benched.