What needs do we most need addressed via free agency?

Another top of the rotation starter or two!
19 (57.6%)
Bullpen bullpen bullpen!
3 (9.1%)
Another middle of the order bat!
6 (18.2%)
Bench bench bench!
1 (3%)
Something else.
4 (12.1%)

Total Members Voted: 33

Voting closed: November 14, 2017, 01:04:57 PM

Author Topic: Now free agency begins  (Read 5303 times)

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Re: 5 days from now free agency begins
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As far as the trade market, the Athletics need a CF.  We can offer Brian Goodwin.  Let Difo/Stevenson be the backup OFs to start the year and bring up Robles at some point.  Maybe the A's can offer another quality bullpen arm?
Maybe as a backup plan. But there are good relievers on the market. Don't need to give away assets for that at this point. Hold onto them for when you need them at the deadline.