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Re: Angelos hates the Navy
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I remember hearing stories of people doing that (maybe you) and them getting angry about it.  Orioles just don't have any sense of humor.

After Bill Collins was bidding to move the Astros anding was try to move a team to Arlington, a friend and I took the banner ESPN -- Expos Should Play in Northern Virginia around to different stadiums. Went to RFK for the Expos-Cards exhibition, the Vet when the Expos were in town, and Camden Yards for an interleague game. We were told we couldn't hang it up but had to hold it, which we did. Eventually, some security guy tried to say we were blocking the sections below us -- we'd already done dry runs and verified that we weren't, so we laughed, as they had to go the excuse route to shut it down. Their obsession on all things local -- when they should focus on competing in the A.L. East -- remains remarkable.