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Re: Angelos hates the Navy
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1. I understood the original agreement gave PG and Mont COs to the Nats
2. Other than its Northern reaches PG is very much Nats land
3. I live in AA CO MD and watch out Mr. Toad there are lots of us here, Navy game or not, and you Mr. Toad are creating more Nats fans everyday with your abject greed and arrogance

4.Why do the Lerners stand mute while Mr. Toad plasters Os billboards all over DC, PG, Mont and No. Va?
5. Can't Balmer support its own team dere hon.?

Why troll DC for customers?

Are there no baseball fans in Balmer????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

...and yet...the Orioles Baseball Store (selling tickets et al) in downtown DC (west side of Farragut square) was closed almost the same time the Nats played their first match in DC...unusual for an owner who claims this area as his.