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Re: Angelos hates the Navy
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Or, he was right that putting a team in Washington would hamstring his franchise by shunting the fans from the wealthiest nearby counties to the new, native team.

And now he's f#cked.

It's undeniable that he's lost a lot of his customer base to the Nats, but if he wants to start making money again, he can try putting up a good team. It's amazing what winning can do for attendance levels. Heck, it's even amazing what losing but at least trying can do for attendance levels.  Example: we all know it's a thin FA pitching market this year but is it really thin enough that Miley (5.61 ERA in 2017) and Tillman (7.84 ERA) should be your first two targets? Moves like that tell your fan base that 2018 is going to be a bust, and fans won't come out to watch a bust. Angelos was cheaping out on the talent before the Nats even existed, and it's hard to be too sympathetic to his claims of being hamstrung when he's been doing that to himself for decades.