Knowing what you know now, what's your feeling/inclination with respect to the new hire of Dave Martinez?

Like it
29 (39.2%)
Indifferent/I'll wait and see
33 (44.6%)
Dislike it
4 (5.4%)
Ok with it but had a much stronger preference toward some other option
8 (10.8%)

Total Members Voted: 74

Author Topic: poll - How do you feel about the Martinez hire?  (Read 2517 times)

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Re: How do you feel about the Martinez hire?
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Martinez was a mediocre outfielder.  Cora was a mediocre infielder.

Cora helped lead my Miami Hurricanes to the College World Series in 1995 and 1996 so he's aces in my book. Both of Puerto Rican extraction. Alex is 11 years younger at 42.