Knowing what you know now, what's your feeling/inclination with respect to the new hire of Dave Martinez?

Like it
29 (39.2%)
Indifferent/I'll wait and see
33 (44.6%)
Dislike it
4 (5.4%)
Ok with it but had a much stronger preference toward some other option
8 (10.8%)

Total Members Voted: 74

Author Topic: poll - How do you feel about the Martinez hire?  (Read 2248 times)

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Re: How do you feel about the Martinez hire?
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No I just wanted a hire consistent  with the reasons they fired Baker.
Not Matt Williams the sequel
He's not Matt Williams.  He has been Maddon's bench coach for many years.  Williams did not have that on his resume.  Do you think Maddon would have Matt Williams as his bench coach?