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Known salaries for MLB managers in 2017. Martinez should have told the Nats to piss off with the incentives and held out for $1 mil per year.

Joe Maddon   Chicago Cubs   $5,000,000
Mike Scioscia   Los Angeles Angels   $5,000,000
Bruce Bochy   San Francisco Giants   $5,000,000
Joe Girardi   New York Yankees   $4,000,000
Buck Showalter   Baltimore Orioles   $3,500,000
Don Mattingly   Miami Marlins   $2,500,000
Dusty Baker   Washington Nationals   $1,750,000
Clint Hurdle   Pittsburgh Pirates   $1,125,000
Terry Collins   New York Mets   $1,000,000
John Gibbons   Toronto Blue Jays    $1,000,000
Kevin Cash   Tampa Bay Rays    $800,000
Mike Matheny   St. Louis Cardinals    $750,000