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Re: Should we trade Harper?
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You seem to be leaving out Mauer is also a hometown guy of the team he plays for and was a legit stud prospect.  Well, he's from St. Paul but that's close enough for Twins fans and the Pohlads. 

I get your point here but you're selling Mauer short.  Sure, he's an overpaid bum now but he had a crap ton of hype when he was at Cretin-Derham both as a QB prospect and a baseball prospect.  You're also trying to compare Pete Rose-light Vegas Bryce against true blue milquetoast Minnesota Nice Joe Mauer, which isn't really fair.  Joe Mauer would literally say "oh jeez, I understand" if the Twins outright released him today.  Can you imagine what Bruce Happa would do?

Comparing the two is ridiculous. Mauer was the number 7 prospect the after he was drafted. Harper was number 1.

Harper has always been a mercenary. He hasn't been developed by the club. He has no long term future here. No matter who drafted him, he was going to be right where he is today.