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Re: Should we trade Harper?
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That's the thing. You don't get nothing. You get Bryce Harper level production for a season in which you are contending for a World Championship. Teams that are in contention usually don't trade away valuable assets. Trading Harper only makes sense if you are out of the playoff race.

Well I'm not sure we are better off with him. Yes he is great but we can with without him and what are the odds he plays all 153?

I'd rather take a haul of players under control than risk losing him for nothing.

If he doesn't sign before the Trade deadline I think we need to let him go.

I think Harper will go to the highest bidder and I'm not prepared to make him the highest paid player in baseball limiting who we can sign in the future. I'd rather have a deep lineup and keep Turner and Rendon locked up.

If we made it further into the playoffs giving the Lerners more profit then maybe. But I can't see it considering how we bent over the last 3 times we made it in.