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Re: Should we trade Harper?
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Harper will be signing elsewhere so, yes, trade him now. I'd also gauge any DH interest in Zimmerman in the AL. If we can sell even reasonably high in his case, pull the trigger with him too.

You will never get the value for Harper that you will get from him playing on the team. If this team plans on contending next year it makes zero sense to trade him, unless some of the folks proposing trades on here are MLB GM's hiding their identity.

Harper is a worst case a 5 win player. Best case he is a 10+ win player.  There is no way you're even going to get even one year of that production back in trade. Much less multiple years.

Just for comparison 2015 Bryce Harper is the equivalent of Carlos Correa AND Paul Goldschmidt. 2017 Harper even with injury is the equivalent of one of them. Do you think Nats are getting anything close to that back in a trade.

(I know I am leaving out 2016, but I think can that was a fluke and he was hurt.)