Author Topic: Today's Curly WTF involves Uncle Ray and the police  (Read 5813 times)

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You can't read that Post article without buying on line editions but...but....

4 guys go to Ray's place at 4 am....4 guys.....and he gets into it with at least one who is 31 years younger and Ray is charged??????????
The guy who gets the best of it is always the one charged in a fight.....nothing to see here, keep walking and

give that man a contract....managerial......and an ownership interest

I hate that WP (and other websites) do that.

I also hate when they popup those messages that say "we've noticed you are using an ad blocker, blah blah blah we need our ads blah blah blah please turn it off" and you can't access the dang webpage until you turn off your ad blocker for that site. Then you usually need to refresh the page to allow the change. I use the ad blocker for the very reason I don't want to see your annoying ads, or your sponsor's ads.

I like Ray and hope he doesn't lose his job over this incident, but with the way things are now-days it is possible.