Author Topic: Today's Curly WTF involves Uncle Ray and the police  (Read 5236 times)

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I spoke to someone who once was a minor member of the Mets organization.

He said that in the 1980s people used to call Ray "Mr. Nancy" behind his back.  It was a double entendre because he was married to Nancy Lopez, who was tough enough that people thought Ray was her beard, and because when Ray drank he got weepy and emotional.

Supposedly though, Ray was a serious hothead and would fight people almost any time.

Back in August I saw a Nats Xtra where Ray's emotions spilled over and it looked like he had been crying over a loss.  I can see the emotions right there.

I only hung out with Ray once and I can say that his forwardness was off-putting.  Had he been drinking?  Definitely.  Could he have been flirty with another man?  I dunno, my wife kinda felt like he was giving off a serious vibe.  My gaydar is so poor I couldn't tell.  However my wife has been saying for two years that Ray was in the closet and now this happens.

None of this is all that clear when you hear about 4 dudes coming back to Ray's place at 4am though.

That said, I would be very disappointed if Ray was asked to step down.  I think he's the best on TV.  Phil Wood is pretty much clueless.  Not only does he have zero stage presence, Phil went into this entire Senators story about how in April 1968 everyone in Washington, DC was talking about this new Senators player and everywhere you went that first month of baseball season that's all you'd hear about- this new player.  April 1968 was the DC riots Phil.  Everyone was talking about MLK's assassination, Vietnam and the Riots and no one ever told me they paid attention to the Senators that summer.  That's how out of it Phil is.