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I'd like a Manager with experience. If you look at recent World Series teams, they were all managed by guys who had managed before.

2017: Roberts and Hinch, both managed before.
2016: Maddon and Francona, both managed before.
2015: Yost and Collins
2014: Bochy and Yost
2013: Farrell(Matheny managed the Cards, he's the exception, no Manager experience prior, but they had continuity as he coached under La Russa)
2012: Bochy and Leland
2011: La Russa(Washington managed the Rangers, exception)
2010: Bochy(Washington again exception with Rangers)

So, since 2010, 13 of the 16 World Series teams had Manager who had managed another team prior.

And one further, you actually have to go back to 2002 to find a World Series wherein both managers were in their first stint (ironically, one of those managers was Dusty himself).