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Hmm maybe the Yankees decided to move on:

Joe G has a great reputation, but in terms of pennants, he won with the over-the-top FA team in its prime in 2009 and not since.  He seemed to have a few "oops" moments that he had the press savvy to admit to but were quite Dustyesque.  It might be a little like Francona in 2011, a good manager who wore out on the team.  Of course, with all the rookies, its hard to see how the young core could be tired of him. This looks like an amicable split of folks who got tired with each other rather than the Dusty dumping. [edit - that heavy heart comment makes it look like it was the NYY who made the call and he would have been back had they wanted]

My guess is he takes a year off and then has his pick of jobs.  He'll go to a booth on ESPN or MLBNetwork, work when he wants, and wait until a golden job opens up.