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I've always wondered why Ted Williams is so lauded by old Senators fans since the team went back to sucking after the relatively successful '69 campaign.  Did the team make a bevy of bad front office moves after the '69 season?  Is he given a pass for the '70 and '71 teams sucking because they just weren't that good of a team; thus, the lone miracle of getting a winning record out of the 1969 club is enough to warrant praise?

You had to be there.  Senator fans were as proud of that '69 team (that won 86 games after years of losing), as were Nats fans in 2012 for winning the division.  In fact many fans don't recall (or at least don't think about) '70 and '71.  Williams gets a pass for '71 after Bob Short ruined the team with one of the worst trades in history (Denny McClain).  He gets no pass for 1970, which was and remain a complete mystery to me.