Author Topic: Shouldn't someone on the Nats staff have known the interference rules?  (Read 2810 times)

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>>” shouldn’t someone on the Nats staff have known the interference rules?”

Of course they should have!!!

I’ll always remember the excitement of being named a young high school baseball  head coach for the first time. The first thing i felt the need to do was get a “rule book” and read it cover to cover repeatedly  until I knew it like the back of my hand.
As a head baseball coach / manager of a team (all levels) I was always in fear of not having an answer to a  question from one of my players/students about a situation or rule of the game. How can you expect your players to respect you as a mentor, instructor, teacher, leader / manager  if you don’t even know the fn rules of the game???? There’s waaaaay more to it than just making out the lineup card.

Baker clearly wasn’t sure of the rule and likely didn’t push the issue because he was probably thinking “had Wieters done the right thing and blocked the dam# ball I wouldn’t be out here begging for such a lame call”. Lame or not had Baker known the rules of the game he should have been out there pushing the issue until it was reviewed.

Before big games I would always remind myself and  told my players to “leave no regrets on that field”.

Our Washington Nationals have wasted so many opportunities and piled up so many regrets over the past 5 years  I don’t even know how they can stand-up during the national anthem with the weight of that gorilla on their back. It really is sad and my heart aches for all the players that will carry those regrets with them until the day they die.

Guess we’ll have to get ‘em next year.  :roll: