Author Topic: Shouldn't someone on the Nats staff have known the interference rules?  (Read 2841 times)

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Bench coach Speier; he was a totally empty uniform as best I can tell.  Got the job due to being buddies with Dusty and apparently being able to say "right boss."  I mean if bench coaches are not meant for these types of situations then what are they for?

So the person that is employed to tell managers when to challenge a play isn't at fault?
Wasn't that Speier's job as bench coach?
no.  Speier might pick up the phone, but there's a guy who watches the videos and says "go for it" to the bench.
Rules question. Not a replay question in this case.
Blue911's point is that is the job of off-field staff who can have rulebooks and the like, like the video assistant. Those are the guys who call down to say challenge or not, so that is who Blue911 was referring to in his post.  Speier does not make that call.  He simply relays it.