Author Topic: Shouldn't someone on the Nats staff have known the interference rules?  (Read 2866 times)

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Could be a good strategy, to draw catcher's interference, but not the backswing.
If you want to knock out the catcher, I guess it's a good strategy.

This article speculates Scott Boras was involved in the decision.  It's all just speculation, but I can buy that the Lerners would have talked to Boras about this and it seems like it was their decision.  It also makes a good point about the handling of Strasburg's illness.   The way he handled that was pretty awful, and definitely did make Strasburg look bad.  It was such a messed up thing.   He's out because of the high mold counts.  Then the flu comes up.  Then he's magically better with iv antibiotics and anti=inflammatories, which don't really help with the flu or allergies.  Then there was the whole "he threw bullpen and then he didn't".   I don't know what the real story was, but it seem like they would have been better to say nothing at all publicly until game day and it really did make Strasburg look bad until he came in and showed how awesome he was.

His handling of that situation is one of the more legitimate reasons I've heard for firing him.