Author Topic: Shouldn't someone on the Nats staff have known the interference rules?  (Read 2325 times)

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Joe Torre confirms today that Jerry Layne blew the backswing interference call, and pointedly states that managers have the right to request a rules check and Dusty never did. Even more inexcusable that no one on staff had enough knowledge of the rules to request a rules check.

Seriously, anyone bemoaning Dusty being fired just needs read that. 

I just can't blame Dusty on this.  When was the last time anyone has seen a replay challenge on a rule question?  I can honestly say I've never seen it before.  Here's what Torre said, but I've never seen any manager do this: "If you’ve got a question, a rule question — not a judgment question but a rule question — if you don’t like what the umpire’s telling you, ask him for a rules check. And they can do that. They can go to the replay center on the headset and check a rule."