Author Topic: Shouldn't someone on the Nats staff have known the interference rules?  (Read 2316 times)

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Seriously, anyone bemoaning Dusty being fired just needs read that.  Bill Belichick knows rules inside and out and makes sure everyone on his team knows them as well, it's helped the Patriots win more games than I can lost.  That really makes me angry we have that challenge away  >:(

Like this one:

Two hours and 15 minutes prior to kickoff, both teams will be required to bring 24 footballs (12 primary and 12 back-up) to the Officials’ Locker Room for inspection. Two Game Officials, designated by the Referee, will conduct the inspection and record the PSI measurement of each football. The League’s Security Representative will observe the inspection process. Primary game balls for each team will be numbered one through 12, and any game ball within the allowable range of 12.5 PSI to 13.5 PSI will be approved, and the PSI level will not be altered. Any game ball that is determined to be over 13.5 PSI or under 12.5 PSI will either be deflated or inflated to 13.0 PSI.  The same procedure will be followed with respect to the back-up set of game balls for each team.