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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
« Reply #875: December 29, 2017, 11:29:42 AM »
Robles and Soto alone are WAY too much to give up for Archer and Realmuto.   Scrap those two, give them Fedde, Cole, and Wieters; that's enough (and of course we'll have to pick up a good portion of Wieters salary).
From a TB perspective, its Archer on a very good contract and Ramos for Yelich, Fedde, and Wieters? They end up taking on salary ($18MM v. $14.75MM) to get Yelich.  In the abstract, moving a good starter for a very good regular on similar (but slightly more) contract makes is a move you do if money and stage of your competitiveness is not considered, but TB needs multiple prospects because they have a significant rebuild.  Add in that they probably want to reduce budget during the rebuild, this does not make sense for them.  They would be better off sending Archer here for Soto, Fedde, and maybe a catching prospect like Read.   From a Nats perspective, you are giving a consensus top 10 prospect, plus another that is further away but with drool-worthy power and a good overall hitting approach, plus a mid-rotation projection, just to dump Wieters for a mid-rotation starter under a good contract and a regular catcher.  That is a price you pay for keys to the kingdom - Chapman and Miller in 2016.  Neither Realmuto nor Archer are keys to the kingdom.  If I'm Miami, I do the deal in a heart beat.