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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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David Schoenfield on said getting Archer would likely mean giving up Robles. Don't know if Rizzo would do this.
I wouldn't. I like Archer. I think that given a good environment he could actually achieve his ceiling. Hanging out with guys like Strasburg and Scherzer, who have really mastered that change up, would help him. But based on what I saw last season from Robles, I'm not giving him up for Archer.

Right now Cole / Fedde / Milone for the 5th starter slot.  But there's nowhere for Cole to go if he doesn't get that spot.  The bullpen is full.
I doubt Milone makes it out of ST as a starter. He just doesn't have enough movement on his pitches at this point. Maybe he can become a lefty reliever.

Fedde has options and should go back down to the minors. He threw 105 innings last year. He's gonna need another year with a cap of around 140-150 before he can go a whole season and he probably needs a little more grooming.

So Cole will basically start with it, unless the Nats find someone else between now and then.