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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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The Nats went 26-15 when he was out in August and September, a .634 winning percentage.

The rest of the season they had a .587 winning percentage.

Instead of using winning percentage, which is affected by the fact that the Nats had run away with the division, had to play against September Call ups and had also is affected by pitching, we should look at how the Nationals did offensively:

Pre August 12: .275/.390/.472  wRC+ 108 5.34 Runs per game
Post August 12: .243/.313/.394 wRC+ 82  4.32 Runs per game

By all offensive metrics the Nats offense was significantly worse after Harper got injured. And he didn't have enough at bats to get back into the swing. There is no way that this team is better with Bryce Harper. That assessment has no basis in reality.