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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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To me it's fairly simple. Keep him this year and make a run then lose him or sign him and lose the chance at signing Rendon and others.

What part of keeping him in 2018 and making a run at it with a MVP type player, then letting him walk and signing Rendon after the season don't you understand?  If you don't want to sign Harper long-term, then fine.  Aren't we trying to win a World Series in 2018?  You haven't AT ALL provided a benefit available to us by trading Harper otherwise not available.  The only benefit is a couple of so-so prospects that might turn out.  Your benefit is a couple of so-so prospects instead of what we'd get with a QO offer comp pick AND having Harper help us in 2018.  So glad you aren't GM.