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for $5MM, I can see Lind coming back.  At his age and position, there is an oversupply.  Beyond that, I can see Albers as a guy you could come to a deal with.  Kendrick is old but I don't see him getting starting player money anywhere early in the season.  Those 3 are the ones I think we could retain. I think Kintzler is gone.  That leaves us with a 5th starter slot that is unfilled, maybe a hole in the 7th inning, and Eaton back to upgrade over Werth.  Regardless of what you think of Gio in the playoffs, he's a 30+ start, 170 IP pitcher who fits in comfortably at the back of the rotation on a contender.  Without making a move, this team is a 90+ win team. 

My best guess at guys on the 25 man is in bold.  So that is:

C - Wieters, Severino
IF - RZ, Murphy, Turner, Rendon, Difo, Lind
OF - harper, taylor, eaton, Goodwin, Kendrick

SP - SS, MS, GG, TR, ????
Bullpen - Doo, Madson, Glover, Albers, Romero, Grace, Cole

Nice to have another bullpen arm and a 5th starter not named Fedde.
Kintzler is a FA and I don't think the Nats will offer him a more than cursory offer not that he deserves more based on his September /
 October performance. Lind and Kendricks are priorities to re-sign as is a #3 SP. Catcher is a black hole due to Wieters contract. Have you changed your mind about JD Martinez for the OF. Though I am still surprised everyday with MATs' performance I would not bet the farm that he doesn't regress and if he does we have an OF with only one player having "pop". Do you prepare for Harpers departure like we did with Zimmermanns departure by signing Scherzer a year earlier?