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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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Lind is gone -- he had a too good a year to come back in the same role.  Kendrick might be willing to come back and is a great fit.  Replacing Lind's contributions off the bench will be near impossible.  Madson and Doolittle are back, Kintzler is gone.  Bullpen needs a makeover -- Kelley and Blanton are done, probably Perez too.  Still hopeful that Glover can be something, and Enny too, but seems doubtful they put it together.  Albers might have been lightning in a bottle, but I'd try to keep him another year.  Outfield is set with Harper, Taylor and Eaton, with Goodwin as the 4th.  Robles needs to play most of the year in the minors to get everyday at bats.  We need at least one more quality starter.  Max/Stras are great at the top, but it's looking like a big drop to Gio/Tanner at the back end.  Fedde doesn't seem ready to be a real #3.  Cole has proven he isn't one.  It would be nice if Severino or Raudy Reed could convince everyone he's the catcher of the future, but it doesn't look that way.  Feels like another year of Wieters everyday.  Infield is set, with Difo as primary backup for 2nd, SS and 3rd.  Although we could use Kendrick (or Murphy) as occasional 1B backups, it would be nice to have a good LH 1B option (like Lind!).

All in all, I think next year will be a lot like this year, except a little worse, like 90-93 wins, and we win the division.  Then we try to avoid going 0 for 5 in the NLDS.  No telling yet how that will go.