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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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2018 could likely be the last year of the window, so I say freak it go all in. I wouldn't trade Robles but everyone else is up for grabs.

First thing first, get a legit top notch starter to create a dominant trio with Stras and Scherz. This allows us to slide Gio down into the #4 starter hole and Roark into the #5(or vice versa). Ross should be transitioned into a bullpen role as well. We'll have some money freed up with Werth being gone.

Keep Kintzler, Madsen, and Doolittle. The other relievers can all be released for all I care, they all suck.

Lineup wise, need a new starting C. Weiters will return since he's got a player option, I know $10 Mil is a lot for a backup C but just accept it as a sunk cost and move on. Infield is fine. Starting OF of Taylor, Eaton, and Harper, with Robles possibly waiting in the wings if Eaton struggles to return from injury or Taylor regresses.

I'd also try my best to lock Harper up. I know its not likely, but you never know. Sit down with him and tell him we want you to be this franchise, nay this city's sports hero. We want you to be our Babe Ruth, our Ted Williams, our Cal Ripken. Talk about what his legacy will be here in town, plans for the future, etc. Honestly I think that means more to Harper than just raw dollar amount. He's a baseball junkie and wants to be forever ingrained in the history books. Talk about where his eventual statue will be placed, how his wife can get involved in the community, etc. etc. Yes, all these things matter.

Beyond that, also look to extension for Rendon. Not sure what the situation is there.

People are talking about blowing up and starting over but I want one more shot. We have a good team, if we're gonna suck after 2018 then fine but I want one more good year and we'll cross the 2019 bridge in 2019.

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