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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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I don't think you know how sports work.

Very rarely do free agents off this calibre make it to the market without some team over paying. Unless Bryce is willing to take a home team discount with ALOT of deferred money we will not be getting into a bidding war.

As for an argument how does this sound:

-Bryce Harper


-Two top prospects
-JD Martinez
-An extended Rendon
-A #3 pitcher

All for the price of Harper.

That doesn't sound compelling? Not once in the history of baseball has one single superstar won his team a championship.

This isn't just about 2018. It's about fielding a competitive team for as long as we can. And it's proven that we can win without Harper.

I don't know how sports work?  I work on the side with a MLB agent.  I have a pretty damned good idea how they work.  You're arguing for not signing Harper AFTER this season because it means we can have room for JD, Rendon, etc.  Again, how does that make it better to trade him now versus going for it with him in 2018? Because we could acquire a couple of "maybe" prospects?  We aren't acquiring anything sure fire close to ready, either big roll the dice young guys or close to ready to be so-so everyday player guys.