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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
« Reply #175: November 02, 2017, 07:44:38 PM »
This link is nice in that it lists the top 50 free agents. Along with their predictions of landing spots for what that is worth.

I love these lists. They never make sense because they seem to never think what a team has for budget, what the team is losing, what the team has in their minors, or any ACTUAL thinking.

For instance, the Red Sox and Giants are expected to be paying a ton if you were to tally up all the players that this list picks to go there. The Nats? Brandon Kintzler. That's it. No other relievers in the top 50 other than Kintzler. One starter, a few relievers, and some bench pieces are what are expected to be brought on. Not all of those need to be top 50, but just one guy? That is just dumb.