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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
« Reply #125: October 18, 2017, 01:27:14 PM »
Even if Harper leaves we have Eaton in LF, MAT in CF, and Robles in RF.  When you are trying to fill needs, you trade from your excess.  I think Goodwin is expendable if we can get a return that helps us fill a hole.  Difo can be a super sub and the 4th OF in addition to a utility IF, and Robles is waiting in the wings.  Again, I wouldn't just dump Goodwin for nothing, but I'd be willing to listen to offers that could help us at another spot. 
Soto I think could be a major piece in a trade.  He is already in the top 20 prospects by some raters. I think I saw him #12 on BP, but I'll have to check the threads in The Farm for where I saw it.  Soto can crush balls and may be a more natural corner OF than Robles, but he's a crown jewel. 

As for dealing Goodwin, if someone will come in and give you what an MLB average starting CF with 6 or so years of control is worth in trade (hint, a full diaper load), then of course move him. We have Stevenson as the defensive OF backup, plus 3 other CFs who will spend time on the 25 man next year (Taylor, Eaton, Robles). 

If there is a team in need of an OF upgrade, maybe a high floor guy like Goodwin coupled with a high ceiling guy like Soto gets you a ton back.  Maybe they even take Wieters contract off your hands ;)  Maybe a lefty starter with a few years of control from a team at a cost around Wieters's $10.5MM?