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It's hard not to.  The Lerners are pretty cheap, and you're not going to find a better player for cheap than what Taylor did this season.  It's highly debatable as to whether he'd keep up an .805 OPS for another season, but anything close to what he did last year is more than adequate.  The defense is legitimate, and he's improved enough at the plate to earn the shot.  I mean, I've been mumbling for 2 or 3 years that if Taylor could only hit .250 or so, he'd be a legit player - well, he hit .270 with 19 homers in ~400 at bats.  He won't do that well again, but he's more than adequate, especially if Robles kills AA again - in which case he'll be in the majors before the season ends. 

Or, in stat geek parlance: 3.1/2.6 WAR in 432 PA, .216 ISO but .363 BABIP.  1.1/1.1 DWAR isn't going anywhere, so even a significant regression on offense leaves a 2 WAR player.  That's liveable, especially when there are alternatives (Goodwin, then Robles).

I don’t think it’s a given he gets worse. He seems to have figured it out, especially at the end. And coming through in the postseason certainly will give him confidence.
I think his floor is 2.0 WAR, but I think his ceiling is a 4-5 win player.
But the worst thing for his performance would be not making him the opening day starter.