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Re: 2017-2018 Off-season Discussion Thread
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This offseason goes one of two ways:

If we sign Harper to a long-term deal, then go for it in 2018 and beyond. We don't need much in terms of new assets as the roster stands today. Harper, Rendon, Turner are your core offense. Scherzer and Stras are your aces. Roark can hopefully figure it out. Find a couple starters.

If we can't re-sign Harper, we should seriously look at punting on 2018 to be competitive and good in 2019-2020+. It won't happen because of money/appearance, but it could be the best way. Trade Harper - you won't get max value, but at least you get something - and trade Murphy. Trade whatever relievers you want. Energize the farm system through a series of trades and focus on guys who can be here in 2019. It's unrealistic if not impossible, but man, it'd be a ballsy move.