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Re: Nationals vs Orioles, Game 3
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Hey guys!  I'm home, took forever to get back.  Yes, I got some pics from the party and some group shots, so did Erica.   And they won because we were there!  ;)  So, as Thunderstruck said, "we have to do this again." (or something like those words)  Yeah, we were worried about Church.  When you're there, you don't get news as to what the final answer is w/ those injuries.  The ending was fantastic in person!!  Seeing Chief in his old form was great!  And next time, Sportsfan and N2P need to come!!!  (and any of you outta towners who want to come in)

Chief, thanks so much for this forum!  What an awesome group of friends we have here!  Thanks for keeping us troll free!  That really helps.