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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
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A little searching and the Yankees are partial owners of the franchise. The list I saw may only have clubs that are full owners of the AAA affiliate.

Most of the ownerships are partial.  As far as I know, Gwinnett is the only one that's 100% owned by the parent club at present, although that doesn't include situations like SWB and Pawtucket, where the parent club effectively controls the affiliate through a partial stake or through being owned by minority owners of the MLB club. 

The Yankees own Scranton. I could care less what happens in the PCL- I do care about the international league where the practice is relatively common

If you look at the list of teams open to switching in 2018 and which ones are likely prospects for change, you'll see that most of the open seats are in the PCL.  If everyone else manages to hang on, the Nats end up in Las Vegas as of right now, and the next two most likely to switch are Colorado Springs (which is moving to San Antonio, but the Brewers will switch affiliations), Fresno, and Nashville, also both PCL.  The more widespread parent club ownership in the IL gets, the more likely it becomes that the Nats end up in the PCL.

Other than Richmond, it is hard to think of a relocation destination near Washington that is comparable in size to AAA markets and that does not have a team.  Roanoke has about 300,000 but has Salem (Red Sox owned).  I don't think they would allow VA Beach to get a team along with Norfolk.  Rather than a bidding war with Angelos over Norfolk, I'd imagine an accommodation could be reached re: Waldorf and one of the A ball teams (Hagerstown or Potomac).  Are there places in W. Va that make sense?

Norfolk is also owned by the same entity that owns Frederick and Bowie, so that's a pretty unlikely place for the Nats to break in.  Richmond is really the only logical answer.