Author Topic: Mets are buying the Chiefs  (Read 15666 times)

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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
« Reply #50: October 10, 2017, 01:15:28 PM »
Would need to be 2 years, but yes, it could - if UVA were to agree.  I suspect the IL would also want a bunch of money spent on the stadium in Richmond (or a new one) as well.  That's a lot of effort, though - suspect they might be willing to take 2 years with Vegas and then try to do better in the next round of musical chairs, or try actually making a decent offer to Nashville to switch from the A's.  That's a short-term arrangement, so it might be doable. 
Well, as an admirer of Copecwby20 and MDS, I'm thinking the ideal solution here might be a 3 way change of affiliations.  Rochester is now the Twinkies.  I would think Nashville might be as attractive to them as Rochester, not accounting for the history.  I think Rochester and Nashville do not go back with their current affiliations even a decade (Rochester was Os before they got Norfolk, As had Sacramento  IIRC).  Rochester also is in with all NL/AL East teams in its IL division, including Syracuse.  Oakland to LV, Nashville to MN, and Rochester to the Nats would align the distances to the parent teams pretty well and not require changing the current PCL / IL team lineups. 

OTOH, Nashville could work as a Nats affiliate. Right now, Nats players mostly do rehab in Potomac or Harrisburg, so proximity to DC for the AAA team isn't a factor there.  As for the shuttle and quick recall, generally there is a rosterable guy on the 40 man in Harrisburg if the recall from AAA is delayed.