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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
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They're 16/14 at present, and there's no AA anywhere close to Vegas - as in, the closest team is Midland, which is almost exactly 800 miles away.  That's a total non-starter.

Yes.  There are already 30 AAA teams.  There can't be more AAA teams than major league teams.  That and there's already a AA team in Richmond that occupies the only viable stadium and is signed through 2020 with the Giants.

It's a tad over 5,000 right now, and it's actually being renovated and expanded right now (as in, it's under construction right now).  Capacity will increase modestly, but not up to AAA size.  It's also owned by UVA, and Charlottesville really isn't an ideal option for a minor league team - virtually the entire season happens when the city is missing 20,000 people or so.   A-ball maybe - but again, you'd need to cut a deal with UVA to use Davenport, which would be fantastic by the standards of the Carolina League.

It could work for a year, though. If they were able to come to an agreement with Richmond for after 2020, it might be an option.  There would have to be a restructuring of sorts if that were to happen. Purchasing and moving Vegas or something like that. Nashville might have to jump to the IL, perhaps. It will be interesting to see how things play out, because I can't imagine they'd want anything to do with Vegas.

Also, Omaha's stadium only has 6400 permanent seats. Don't think that size of park would be a hindrance for a temporary solution. The pics I'm seeing of the UVA construction project look pretty similar to Werner Park.