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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
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They're our players at Syracuse.

There are 30 AAA franchises, just like there are 30 MLB franchises.  You can't create a new AAA team out of thin air because there cannot be more AAA teams than MLB teams.  You need to move one of the existing 30.  You get to take your affiliated players wherever your team is, but you need league approval to put a team somewhere.  So just like the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals, the Richmond Braves became the Gwinnett Braves.  So which city loses its AAA team in your scenario?

So again, which AAA team would you propose to move, and how would you do it? (Note that step 1 would require buying a team, so which one is for sale to a buyer that had the intention of moving it?)

buy vegas and then do the horse trading.

Lotta horse trading.  That's a PCL team, so you're either trying to move a PCL franchise to the Atlantic coast, or you're pushing for a realignment.