Author Topic: Mets are buying the Chiefs  (Read 11243 times)

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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
« Reply #125: November 03, 2017, 08:33:34 AM »
Twins history in Rochester only goes back to when the O's left for Norfolk, so a shift along the lines of Twins to Nashville, As to the new Las Vegas, and Nats to Rochester makes abundant sense.

I was trying to figure out cities west of the Mississippi  without AAA or MLB that might make sense for an AAA franchise relocation a few days ago and stumbled across what the Dodgers have done in Oklahoma.  They ended up with an AA team in Tulsa and a AAA in Oklahoma City.  I don't know how long they had that set up, but I guess there's an advantage to having your AA and AAA teams close to each other for player shuttling purposes.  That would be a reason for the Twins to do the consolidation LincolnDD is suggesting.

Other than Portland, which is angling for MLB when it goes to 32, there's no great city out west to move an AAA franchise to. Boise might be the biggest, but it is in a traditional short-season league.  Tulsa has AA.  Tuscon would have the same problems with climate as Vegas only moreso.