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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
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I understand; I'm well aware of the geographic issues playing there.  And I'm not arguing that Vegas would be good, let alone better than Syracuse.  But the reason Vegas is always the last site standing when it comes to aligning, even though it's at a lower altitude than a number of PCL sites (though certainly drier than most), is because of the ballpark.  If they get the new park, and the Nats are stuck looking at PCL, Vegas won't be the worst option.  And I wouldn't be surprised if a team based out west jumps on Vegas.  The Padres were in Vegas for years before the Dodgers bumped them.  Now they're in El Paso, but they have no real link to the city.  Vegas is larger, a better geographic fit, and a better hub for travel and getting players where they need to be.  If the Padres moved to Vegas and the Nats were left with El Paso, I think that would be a worse fit.