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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
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Wouldn’t buying a team be the best long term solution? Otherwise the musical chairs thing will come up again.
Buying a team does make plenty of sense - however there are only 30 AAA franchises and each one of them has an owner that may or may not be willing to sell. Make that 26 - 4 are now owned by their parent clubs (Atlanta/Gwinnett, St. Louis/Memphis and Kansas City/Omaha and the Mets/Syracuse). The relocation of that team would be a whole other process.

These affiliation agreements expire in 2/4 year cycles. There are 18 agreements/partnerships that are up for expiration after the 2018 season. And the Nats will have to convince a AAA team to break a existing relationship with its MLB partner. Many of these relationships have gone on for years and will be difficult to arrange that split.