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Re: Mets are buying the Chiefs
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- Nats AAA Syracuse moves to Harrisburg

- Nats AA Harrisburg moves to Richmond

- Giants AA team moves to Las Vegas. Or into a good-sized city in CA, like Sacramento.

No AA league west of Texas? Hmmm. What do the Diamondbacks, A's, Rockies, Dodgers, and Mariners do for AA teams? The Mets often had trouble shuttling players between Las Vegas and wherever the Mets were playing. Isn't it just as bad for West Coast and mountain teams?

Well, they just don't shuttle guys from AA that often, not nearly as often as AAA.  But to answer the question, the A's are in Midland, TX, the Dodgers in Tulsa, Mariners in Little Rock (all Texas League), and the DBacks  are in Jackson, TN (Southern League, which also has the Angels' AA team).   The Rockies are in Hartford.  Also, Sacramento already has a AAA team (specifically, the Giants AAA), so that definitely wouldn't work.