Author Topic: The Nats' Offense is downright Offensive  (Read 6227 times)

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Look I know your opinion on here - you want to throw praises on the Nats no matter what...and you get mad whenever anybody expects more out of them.  Well I don't just settle for crap...I expect a winner.  And if I was a player, I wouldn't want fans that expect any less.

With all due respect, you just saying that just shows you know jack squat about my opinion.  I am just as critical of this team, I just don't choose to show it by posting "I am so sick I want to vomit" and "their playing like a-holes" comments that some people on here.  My apologies if I won't sink to that level. 

Your posting stats I already well know about and I am not blind to our situation but IT IS our situation and I am trying to make the best of it.  You throw this BS that "people deal with this horrible season in their own ways" well, I am dealing.  And again, I apologize if I am not dropping F-Bombs and acting like a 12 year old who lost his/her copy of the latest My Chemical Romance album.

If your expecting them to be competitive this year well prepare for disappointment.  We were told what we were going to get and what to expect and the reasons behind it. But again, some are expecting Jesus Christ to be signed or Santa Claus to suddenly save the day.