Author Topic: The Nats' Offense is downright Offensive  (Read 6137 times)

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So did Church...

He left after services on his left arm.  We also had Cristian Guzman.

Our horrific bench batting might improve with Flores, Young, and Belliard on it, and Langerhans has hit well since he arrived.  I'm waiting to see if Batista has lost his ability to hit homers, since he averaged 31.  Maybe he just can't be a pinch hitter.  We had horrible PH stats early on, since we had minor league players on the bench. 

We have improved at turning double plays and catching steals.  The Yankees would DEARLY love to accomplish what we've done with starting pitchers, including all the guys from AAA.  We were at or near bottom in pitching and fielding in 2006; we've improved at both. 

I see this team putting more winning streaks together.  Next up: Cincinnati and St. Louis.  Opponents have a .255 BA against our pitching.   They are .260 against the Cardinals and .272 against the Reds.